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So You Want a Bulldog

For the cleanliness, calmness and sharp mind in the Bulldogs called “English gentlemen.” They have a balanced and calm character, they are excellent companions and even bodyguards.

They can live both in a private house and they will feel comfortable in the apartment.  Keep bulldogs on the street is not worth it, they do not tolerate temperature extremes.  You need to walk with the Bulldogs for 40-60 minutes twice a day.  In minus weather, the walk time can be safely halved.  A stove bench for your friend needs to be placed in a place without drafts.  Toys should be picked up without small details. There should always be clean water in the access area, which should be changed 2 times a day.

Bulldog breed characteristics

The Bulldog has a good reputation – it is affectionate and gentle pet and has a stubborn character.  They have a lot of patience, especially when it comes to children.  The dog will tolerate all the “tenderness” from your children.  Adult individuals of the breed like to just lie around or sleep.

Bulldog, So You Want a Bulldog, Dog Breeding, Dog Breeding

The American Kennel Club classifies this breed as a member of the Non-Sporting Group. These odd looking dogs have one purpose, to be devoted companions. Luckily, they are well suited to their role.

The main features of the English Bulldogs:

  • Devotion – respect and love the owner, gently treat children.
  • Leadership – have a dominant character. So that in adulthood there are no clashes with other domestic animals, you need to teach them a bulldog from childhood.  On the part of the owner, it is also worthwhile to show some rules, and not to let the dog into bed, not to allow him to beg, and to commit unacceptable acts.  If you miss this moment immediately, then in adulthood it will be hard to get the better of the dog.
  • Fearlessness – if necessary, these dogs can fight even with dogs of a much larger size. If they get angry, they will stand their ground to the end, even if it hurts.
  • Waywardness – to show its character, this breed often acts contrary to the owner’s commands.
  • The activity level is average – while they are puppies, they are full of energy and are ready to play all the time. And when they grow up, they become balanced and calm.
  • Peace-loving – if a dog is raised, then it will not rush at other animals and people. This is an adequate dog, but will not allow to offend himself.  He will not tolerate very active games, even from the owner’s children.

What to prepare for?

 Care for the bulldogs is quite thorough:

  • Wool. It is not difficult to look after the hair of bulldogs.  it will be enough for them if you comb it several times a week with a rubberized glove.  In autumn, when the dog is molting, it should be combed out every day.
  • Bathing. Not more than 1 time in 2 months.  In this case, you need to use a special shampoo for shorthair dogs.
  • Muzzle. The folds are wiped after each walk and every time after eating.  ,
  • Ears. They need to be cleaned every week.  Sulfur must be removed from the ears with a cotton pad that you moistened in an antiseptic solution.
  • Claws. Cut them every 2 weeks with a clipper.
  • Eyes. Wipe them daily with a damp cotton pad at room temperature.
  • Teeth. They are recommended to be cleaned every day.  the procedure can be performed with a human toothbrush, or use a special brush and toothpaste for dogs.
  • Training. Bulldogs are very stubborn dogs.  And to train them you need to be patient and be persistent.  Well, you can’t do without treats.

With their short coats, Bulldogs need very little grooming. However, the wrinkles on their face require careful cleaning. If you do not keep your Bulldog’s wrinkles clean, he could develop skin infections, not to mention a nasty odor.

For English Bulldog, you will need

It is worth considering a dog’s health insurance because it tends to certain diseases:

  • hip dislocation
  • obesity
  • allergy
  • heart disease
  • tumors
  • skin infections
  • bladder stones

If you decide to get yourself an English bulldog, order immediately:

  • leash
  • sunbed
  • bowls for food and water
  • toys without small parts and a brush for combing.

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